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Small group training sessions

Strength & Conditioning- Weight training combined with functional conditioning accessory work. Varying the muscle group used we work on a different lift every week ensuring form and technique are correct. Designed to be progressive we will gradually up the weights slowly.

Sweat- Faster paced circuit training using many different training styles

Power- Focusing on big compound lifts and strongman style movements we will work on building raw functional strength and power. 

Kettlebells-  The kettlebell is what Tommy used to prep himself for marine training. Giving a full body workout using just kettlebells and bodyweight exercises.

Hyrox- Fast paced functional training sessions based around the fitness race Hyrox.

Open gym

These sessions allow you to use the studio on your own. Every client on the full access membership receives a training plan when they sign up which can be utilised in these sessions or simply plan your own workout. The sessions are always overlooked by Tommy and support available if needed.

Personal Training

Available on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small group. Maximise you progression and let Tommy ensure you get the most out of your training. Please enquire about this service directly through Tommy for availability.

Re-org coffee bar

Here you can grab a quick caffeine fix before hitting your workout or stop by after for a post session protein shake. The perfect place to prepare or recover!  

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